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Flow chart showing the major steps in X-ray protein crystallography. (Image from Wikimedia courtesy Thomas Splettstoesser.)

About 88% of the models (entries) in the World Wide Protein Data Bank were determined by X-ray crystallography (August, 2021). (About 7% were determined by solution nuclear magnetic resonance, and about 5% by cryo-EM.) Analysis of x-ray diffraction patterns from protein crystals produces an electron density map, into which an atomic model of the protein is fitted. Major errors sometimes occur when fitting models in to low-resolution electron density maps (see Quality assessment for molecular models). The value of Free R is the best clue as to whether major errors may be present in a published model.

Obtaining diffraction-quality crystals of proteins can be very difficult for some proteins, despite many recent advances[1]. For every new protein sequence targeted for X-ray crystallography, about one in twenty is solved[2][3]. Efforts are underway to improve this success rate[4].

Image:Protein crystals samatey.png Crystals of the flagellar hook protein FlgE from C. jejuni produced in the Samatey lab.

Publication of solved structures involves depositing an atomic coordinate file (PDB file) in the World Wide Protein Data Bank.

About two-thirds of published crystallographic models can be improved by automated re-refinement: see PDB REDO.


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