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This is an index page pointing to resources about Jmol and JSmol.



Jmol and JSmol mean pretty much the same thing. Jmol is the original name of the software, meaning "Java molecular". After a version was developed that does not require Java (it runs in web browsers' HTML5/Javascript) the name JSmol[1] was added, meaning "JavaScript molecular".

Resources About Jmol

Resources About Jmol in Proteopedia


  • Introduction to Jmol, a brief, non-technical page.
  • Jmol, a longer, semi-technical page.
  • FirstGlance in Jmol makes the power of Jmol accessible, without learning any command language. Essentially it provides guided exploration of any macromolecule. FirstGlance enables the user to concentrate on the molecule instead of how to use Jmol.


JSmol in Proteopedia
Using Jmol with Java

History of Jmol

Resources About Jmol Outside of Proteopedia

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  1. Hanson, R. M., Prilusky, J., Renjian, Z., Nakane, T. and Sussman, J. L. (2013), JSmol and the Next-Generation Web-Based Representation of 3D Molecular Structure as Applied to Proteopedia. Isr. J. Chem., 53:207-216. doi:

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