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tRNA or transfer RNA plays a key role in translation, the process of synthesizing proteins from amino acids in a sequence specified by information contained in messenger RNA[1][2]. During this process, triplets of nucleotides (codons) of the messenger RNA are translated according to the genetic code into one of the 20 amino acids. tRNAs serve as the dictionary in this translation process.
Translation of RNA sequence into protein sequence
Translation of RNA sequence into protein sequence
They contain a specific triplet nucleotide sequence, the anticodon, and they get attached to a specific (cognate) amino acid. During protein synthesis by ribosomes, tRNAs deliver the correct amino acids through interactions of their anticodon region with the complementary codons on the messenger RNA. Apart from their distinct anticodon regions, different tRNAs have very similar structures, allowing them to all fit into the tRNA-binding sites on the ribosome.
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3D Structures of tRNA

Updated on 23-September-2022

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Reference for the structure

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