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This page has not been maintained since 2013, so it is now merely historical record.

To see what is new, please visit Special:Newpages, which is automatically generated, and includes the pages for new PDB entries seeded by the OCA robot as well as pages authored by users. To find pages on a particular subject, use the search slot at left.

What's New in Proteopedia?
This page lists new pages, substantially updated pages, and new capabilities within Proteopedia. In contrast, Proteopedia:News lists external news such as adoptions, blogs, press, meetings, seminars and workshops about Proteopedia.

A major purpose of this page is to make it easier for users to find out about new user-created pages with substantial content. Only user-created pages that have substantial content (at least one paragraph of user-added text with three or more green links), and that are reasonably complete should be listed below. Pages that are started, but not yet completed, should not be listed until they are reasonably complete. Automatically seeded new pages, titled with PDB codes, are not listed here[1]. Minor updates to existing pages should not be listed.

Please add new items at the top. If a linked page is not new, but has been updated with substantial new content, please say so. Each page's history tab (at the top) shows when it was created and the date of each update.

The left arrow symbol (<-) signifies a page that redirects to another page.

Because this page is maintained manually, the lists for recent months are usually incomplete. There are typically other new articles that are not yet listed. You may also wish to consult Topic pages (also maintained manually); Special:Newpages which is automatically generated, but includes the pages for new PDB entries seeded by the OCA robot; or all pages whose titles do not begin with a numeral (thus excluding pages titled with PDB codes, but not limited to new pages).



December 2013

October 2013

September 2013


May 2012


May, 2011

April, 2011

March, 2011

  • Lac repressor has been updated to incorporate new understanding of interactions of proteins with the minor groove of DNA.
  • Nitrotyrosine, a post-translational modification occurring in inflammation that often inactivates enzymes.
  • Java


October, 2010

  • Psi and Phi Angles, Identifies the atoms which make up these angles, illustrates how Jmol can be used to determine their values and by drawing planes illustrates how their values are set by rotating the plane of the peptide bonds and the alpha-carbons and the atoms bonded to them.

July, 2010

June, 2010

  • Metal-Ligand Polyhedra: Mixtures of certain metal ions with bent bidentate ligands self-assemble into large polygons that can be functionalized to serve as receptors, nanoreactors, etc.

May, 2010

April, 2010

March, 2010

  • Serine Proteases, examines the structural basis of specificity and a general properties of the catalytic mechanism

January, 2010


December, 2009

This month's list is incomplete:

November, 2009

This month's list is incomplete:

October, 2009

This month's list is incomplete:

July, 2009

This month's list is incomplete:

March, 2009

This month's list is incomplete:

February, 2009

This month's list is incomplete:

  • Ion channels is an attempt to cover a family of proteins and list their available PDB structures.

January, 2009

This month's list is incomplete:


December, 2008

  • Conservation, Evolutionary now includes instructions on how to show a ConSurf result as a scene in Proteopedia, complete with the standard ConSurf color key.
  • Resolution now includes a movie illustrating the relation between the atomic model and the electron density map while resolution ranges from 0.5 to 5.0 Ångstroms.

November, 2008

October, 2008

September, 2008

  • Anticancer Prodrug CPT-11 complexed with Torpedo californica Acetylcholinesterase 1u65
  • Avian Influenza Neuraminidase, Tamiflu and Relenza
  • Insecticidal delta-endotoxin Cyt2Ba from Bacillus thuringiensis.
  • TEM1-β-Lactamase/ β-Lactamase Inhibitor Protein (BLIP), 2b5r and 1s0w.
  • Acid-beta-glucosidase covalently bound to conduritol B epoxide, 1y7v.
  • Ribonuclease A, 1rta has a new section complementing this month's article in Molecule of the Month.
  • DRuMS, standard color schemes for macromolecules, and color key templates for use in Proteopedia.
  • Glutamine Synthetase, which includes instructions on how to use the Jmol console for advanced scene authoring.

August, 2008

July, 2008

June 2008

About Macromolecular Structure

May 2008

  • Acetylcholinesterase
  • 2ace with an overview of the significance of this, the first acetylcholinesterase structure.
  • Anti-Alzheimer's drug, Aricept, complexed with acetylcholinesterase 1eve.
  • Tacrine Binding To Aromatic Residues In The Active-site Gorge Of Acetylcholinesterase, 1acj.
  • Serum Paraoxonase-1 (PON1) via directed evolution 1v04.
  • Human acid-beta-glucosidase, 1ogs.
  • Photosystem II, an undergraduate project.
  • Ozonolysis: cool animation of a chemical reaction!

April 2008

March 2008

February 2008

January 2008


October-December 2007

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  1. You can find new entries in the PDB by going to RCSB and searching by date range.
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